Dear Principal,

You already know that private K-8 enrollment systems in the Bay Area are becoming increasingly competitive each year.

Just as with High Schools or College, a first-rate athletic program will attract new students and build loyalty to your school.

With over 15 years developing outstanding athletic programs for K-8 private Catholic schoools, we know we must be much more than a sports program.

We recognize our role as Educators. We focus on developing students of high character, who will proudly enter High School with morally sound bodies and minds.

Physical Education
Physical Education plays a critical role in developing the whole student. We provide a proven physical education program that will develop increased self-esteem and promote healthy lifestyles.
Athletic Management
A professional and organized After-School Athletic Program will add value to your school while keeping your students and parents engaged and happy. Having a team and an identity to play for, and cheer for, is essential for the positive morale of your community and the long term sustainability of your school.
Every student is unique.
We use a variety of movement mediums designed to inspire children at any athletic ability level.
Team Photo Day
It's team picture day, and we will provide everything you need to make it look better than ever!

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